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Interview - TEMPLE OF DREAD - Maybe Death Metal has become a pool of honesty and reliability in this crazy world.

Interview with death metal band from Germany - TEMPLE OF DREAD.

Answered Markus Bünnemeyer (bass, guitars), thank you!

Translated Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - TEMPLE OF DREAD - Hades Unleashed (2021):

Ave TEMPLE OF DREAD! Every time I go on vacation, I take some of my favorite music with me. I have listened to your new album "Hades Unleashed" both at the seaside and in the mountains. It stood out the most in an old abandoned cemetery. I have to say, the album was incredibly successful. It's your third in a row. Where did you want to go from last time and has your approach changed? I find the new one darker, more raw.

Temple of Dread stands for uncompromising Death Metal and I didn't want to change that. Nevertheless, we thought about how we could add new elements to the songs so that we don't become a copy of ourselves. So, on the one hand we added more melodies and harmonies to the songs, on the other we increased the pace and the aggression. The sound is very raw and brutal and we managed to create a very dark atmosphere.

Listening to "Hades Unleashed" is like going back to the nineties, when the seminal death metal records were being made. You've managed to achieve a great moldy sound. Where did you record the new album, who mixed it, who took care of the mastering and production - is it also Jörg Uken, like with SLAUGHTERDAY? Did the situation around covid 19 affect you in any way? The album sounds like it was recorded in analogue, but I don't think that's true or am I wrong?

Jörg is not only our drummer, but also our engineer and producer. Although he records digitally, he attaches great importance to natural sounds. He managed to strike the perfect balance between modern and “old-school” sounds. The corona lockdown gave me more time to concentrate on songwriting, Jörg also had a few breakdowns in his studio, so we were able to bring the entire recordings forward.

I really like Paolo Girardi's covers. He's really talented. I had to order a T-shirt right away. Why Paolo? How did you choose the motif? For example, did he hear your music beforehand and get inspired by it or did you choose from finished paintings? And what exactly does the motif mean? Is it the entrance to the underground, to the realm of Hades?

I love Paolo's art very much. He's also a very nice person and he put a lot of time and effort into our cover artwork. I gave him the lyrical concept and he integrated everything perfectly into our artwork. The picture shows the entrance to Hades, from which all evil of the Greek underworld are hurled out.

Speaking of the lord of the I understand correctly that the album is entirely inspired by Greek myths and mythology? How did the lyrics come about, who is the author and which story about Hades appealed to you the most?

Originally it was supposed to make an album about ancient myths in general. However, most of the lyrics are dealing with ancient Greek sagas. But “Empyrean” is about a Roman legend and “Whores of Pompeii” is about the downfall of this city and the activities that were carried out there until the end (laughs). All the lyrics were written by my best friend Frank Albers, just like on the first two albums. I think, the story of the “Tartarus” is very thrilling and sinister and fits perfect to a Death Metal Song.

TEMPLE OF DREAD are personally linked to SLAUGHTERDAY. Are there any differences in the way you create new material? Do you record differently, for example? And how are the songs for TEMPLE OF DREAD created, I mean now the process itself. Is it hard for you to distinguish if you're writing for TEMPLE OF DREAD or SLAUGHTERDAY?

Slaughterday actually only consists of two members, namely Jens (our singer, but Guitarist in Slaughterday) and Bernd (Reiners, Vocals and drums). The two of them write and record all the songs together. I only play bass there during live performances. For Temple I mostly prepare all songs completely by myself, which is mainly due to the fact that only I live on an island. Then I go to Jörg with my riffs, who brings his ideas regarding the drumming to the table. At the very end, Jens gets the songs and then he works out his vocal parts. Every song is a Team-Work, but we act in sequence - not at the same time.

How are TEMPLE OF DREAD doing with concerts? Do you like to play often? Are you tempted to go abroad? What do concerts mean to you? Is it also a social event for you? And do you also go to events as a visitor, to support your colleagues?

So far, we actually don`t play live. This is due to a lot of things, for example our activities in other bands or my residence on an island. But I don't want to rule this out in principle for the future. Of course, I like going to concerts, I love social contacts with other fans and I also support other bands as a fan. Next weekend I will go to the Schoonebeek Deathfest in the Netherlands. I´m really looking forward to this event and after the long frustrating Corona-restrictions I hope – and I`m shure - I will meet a lot of maniacs there!

I don't know about Germany, but here in the Czech Republic the death metal scene is quite small. Only a few people come to some gigs, sometimes it reminds me of the old days in the 90s. But other times it's packed to bursting. But overall it's still alive, I just think it needs some young blood. Most musicians have kids, jobs, lots of other things to worry about. There's nothing to complain about, we're still having fun, I just wonder how many years we can keep it up? Not all of us are men of steel like Paul Speckmann☺). How do you feel about the death metal scene in Germany? And is there anything that you would change or annoys you?

Your description also applies to the German Death Metal scene. Everyone involved is getting older – the bands and the fans. Soon, we will not longer play in youth centers but in retirement homes (laughs). Sometimes it's really frustrating that this music doesn't seem to appeal to young people anymore. Personally, I'm older than Death Metal, but I don't hope I'll outlast this great style of music.

When did you first get the idea to start making music? And how did you get into extreme music? What bands did you worship? Who were your role models? What about your first gig? I don't remember it, for example, because I was completely drunk at the age of 13☺). How was your first live performance and what band did you stand on stage with? Please reminisce for us.

Puh! - that's a lot of questions. I was also 13 years old and also drunk all the time! My first two albums were Slayer's “Reign in Blood” and Iron Maiden`s Debut. Both are still among my favorite albums to this day. I think Slayer on the Divine Intervention Tour was one of the first big live-shows for me. In addition to Thrash Metal, I quickly got into Death Metal. In this area, I've loved bands like Autopsy, Death, Pestilence and Benediction from day one. My first own appearance was with an unknown punk band called Amok - the total demolition!

I have a tricky question for the bands at the end. What does death metal mean to you? Is it a lifestyle? Feel free to elaborate or get philosophical. How would you define this style?

Yes, Death metal is a lifestyle. It represents a fuck-off and a straight-to-your-face attitude. The scene follows its own laws and rules. It is a sworn in community that immediately recognizes and condemns any approach to commerce. Maybe Death Metal has become a pool of honesty and reliability in this crazy world.

Thank you very much for the interview. I'm going away again for the weekend. I've been loving it lately. Just me, new places and good old death metal. I'll definitely take the new TEMPLE OF DREAD record with me again. The album "Hades Unleashed" was really good! Thanks a lot for it too. I wish him a lot of success and may you prosper in your private lives too!

Thank you very much – and all the same to you!

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