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Interview - BOMBARDER - Ancient, honest and pure speed thrash metal that makes coffin lids crack!

Interview with speed thrash metal band from Bosnia and Herzegovina - BOMBARDER.

Answered Nešo (vocals), thank you!

Recenze/review - BOMBARDER - Sa dna groba (2024):

Ave BOMBARDER! Greetings, my friends. When I got my first metal album on cassette from my cousin in 1988, you guys had already been playing for two years. I'm sorry to start from the beginning, but I think we have a lot in common. We both grew up in former socialist countries, we both started metal in times that were very turbulent. I was wondering what band did you first hear and how did the idea of starting BOMBARDER come about?

Hello there! Yes, we started middle 80’s and it was great time here back then. Yugoslavia wasn’t into CCCCP so we were something in between East and West. We had all official LP licenses of metal, rock releases etc. There were many bands back then and scene was huge. We liked then of course Motorhead, Exciter, Rave. Many old demos circulated here so listened many of these oldschool speed thrash bands.

You probably had a similar musical development to me. For me personally, the encounter with SODOM music was absolutely crucial. It was the speed, the rawness, the power, the fury. We were walking around the estate with cassette players on our shoulders. We were hanging out in the tenements. You know, pretty girls, lots of beer and metal. It was a good time. But then the revolution came. It was pretty peaceful here, but you started the war on March 31st. How did it affect you? I read somewhere (I hope I'm not mistaken) that you had to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina for Serbia? It must have been terrible.

Sodom were killer, yes we liked them as well. Sure, split up of Yugoslavia wasn’t peaceful as Czechoslovakia. Here everything ended in bloody war for many years and caused many pain and devastation. War is shit, I hate war and I hate politicians and big wordwide guns who make profits on wars and start them all around the globe! I wish them sure and painful death! Since middle 90’s I live in Belgrade, Serbia and Bombarder is active here until nowadays.

We had a friend in our group who was from Croatia. Both his parents died in the war and a couple in our town adopted him. So we had all the first-hand information. I remember tapes of bands like HELLER, EVIL BLOOD. It was a beautiful time, albeit a wild one. Lots of memories. Anyway, what bands influenced you in your early days? What about the gigs at that time? In our country, it was mainly in community centres.

Old Yugoslavian bands as Heller, Evil Blood, Sarcasm, Annathema, Ludilo, Epidemic Zone.... many bands played extreme speed thrash back then. Also lather death metal as Bloodbath, Mortuary, Necrophobia... We had many shows and big metal festivals in big halls with couple of thousands of visitors as Balkan Horror Opera, YU Metal Attack etc.

In our country, it was always said that if a band was good, they played with their hearts. Somehow that attitude has stayed with me to this day. I have to believe in the music and the new BOMBARDER album is exactly the kind of raw ride to hell that I love. I listen to more death metal nowadays, but when I heard "Sa dna dna graba" for the first time, I knew - fuck, this is it! How was the album made? Was the approach different than last time? I find the record more raw, faster.

Yes, Sa dna groba is more brutal and raw. It is inspiration we got from the world around us. Look at what’s happening at many places in this rotten planet? Just pain and missery, death and evil...We feel all this, we can’t be calm and positive when so many are suffering around. Sa dna groba is oda to nowadays!

Are you singing in Bosnian or Serbian, Croatian? The translator shows me a different language every time. As a Czech, I understand the content of the lyrics, but I don't understand everything. Can you please tell us where did you get the inspiration for the lyrics? Who is the author and how were they created?

Back in Yugoslavia we all spoke Serbocroatian. Nowadays this is the same language but everybody is calling this different... Stupid people with stupid rules... As I said in previous answer, inspiration is everywhere around us.

The sound is excellent! No doubt about it. Old school, raw, rough, animalistic. It really reminds me of the 90's recordings. Where did you record? Who's responsible for the mastering and mixing? Look, let's face it, this is a massacre!

Thank you for your words! We all like the final result and it’s great. We recorded as previous time in Citadela Studio and our guitarist Luka Matkovic is producer. Many domestic bands record their albums in his studio. It is like center of Serbian metal scene.

I used to go to the former Yugoslavia for holidays. You know, the sea, beer (of course Karlovačko, Ožujsko, and Rakije in the evening), I love it here. I have beautiful memories from my childhood, but even today, when I go to the sea, I always relax. You have beautiful nature and women, but to be honest I don't meet many metalheads here. Maybe they are hidden in the hinterland, but what is it like with extreme metal in your country? Recently I interviewed METUZALEM from Croatia and they told me that it is a terrible problem to organize a concert, to find musicians? What do you think?

Heh probably metalheads don’t like sea side and hot weather:)). Here in Serbia there are several centers of good scene as Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and there it’s not problem to organize shows. Also there are many, many young bands and they all ;play very often on single shows or small local festivals. But also big festivals as Exit festival in Novi Sad.

You are rightly considered a legend. You have a long history. Is there anything else you would like to achieve? To play a big festival? Or go on tour? I'd love to see you somewhere, have a beer and get my head bashed in.

Thank you. I don’t consider myself as a legend but younger meatlheads think that. I like to support all of them and when ever I can I do this. For me personally it’s important to push the band further, play good shows and some nice festivals. No, tours are not so into my plans. I’m older and it’s not so easy. But I prefer to concentrate on quality single shows and festival shows. I’d like to play in Czech, that’s for sure!

In Bombarder III you have a guest appearance by Per "Hellbutcher" Gustavsson from NIFELHEIM, NECROCURSE. How did you guys get together in the first place?

Hellbutcher is a huge fan of Bombarder. He with his band recorded cover version of Speed Metal song for Hail to Bombarder tribute and since then we are in touch. When we invited him to be guest on our new song he immediately agreed and he did a great work there. I’m very proud on this cooperation. Also we recorded Sodomizer cover as paying our respect to almighty Nifelheim!

Everybody started somehow. Who was your musical role model in the 90s? I remember it was quite difficult to find instruments, tablature, everything. What was your first gig as a fan? And what was your first one on stage? Please reminisce.

Sure, it wasn’t so easy to organize everything for the band back in 80’s but we made it with help of other older rock and metal musicians from the scene who were already in big heavy metal bands etc. Some of first shows were big concerts of Yugoslavian heavy rock bands from early 80’s as Divlje Jagode, Atomsko Skloniste etc.... I can’t remember exactly our first show but it was in Sarajevo. Crazy and wild meatl energy it was!

I think you'll agree with me that metal is a curse. People around me don't get it, even after all these years. It's still worth buying new records, T-shirts, going to shows. For me personally, this music is a relaxation, a way to survive. How do you feel about metal? What does this music give you and why do you listen to it?

Metal is my life 100% and thanx to metal I stayed normal and survived all these hellish war years back in 90’s. Bombarder is my power and my life energy.

Necessary question at the end. What is BOMBARDER going to do in the next few months? If you want to say something to the fans, here is the space.

This year we will dedicate to promotion of Sa dna groba album. Soon CD and cassette will be released and then later LP as well. We will play selected promotional shows and make hell on the stage!

Thank you very much for your answers. I really appreciate them. It was a great honor! I hope to see you live sometime and if so, have a beer with me. Thank you actually for all the great music you make as well. May you have the best of luck! BOMBARDER rules!

Many thanx metal brother! I appreciate your support and nice words for our music. Stay yourself, do the things with opet heart, never neal in front of anyone, fuck the system, fuck authorities and just stay rebellious and metal forever. Life is short, live it with full power! RAZVALJUJ!!!!!


February 2024, Beograd, Serbia

Recenze/review - BOMBARDER - Sa dna groba (2024):

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