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Interview - TERRORDOME - Thrash Metal is the style of living and brutal expression for the people with excessive energy.

Interview with thrash metal maniacs from Poland - TERRORDOME.

Answered Uappa, thank you!

Translated Duzl, thank you!

Recenze/review - TERRORDOME - Straight Outta Smogtown (2021):

Ave TERRORDOME! Greetings to Poland! I hope you all are doing well! I feel great, because I just came back from work, where I was listening to your new album "Straight Outta Smogtown" for a whole day. I worked on my computer, and I still had the headphones in my ears. I am literally fascinated by the energy that I feel from the new record. I am sure, you won’t tell me your recipe, where you take so much power, but you could describe how the new album was born? Has somehow TERRORDOME changed the way in writing process compare to previous albums?

Hello Jakub and all Deadly Storm readers! We’re so happy you liked our new album so much! Really great to hear, that years of our work on the new music are appreciated. Well, the energy get no from the vacuum; we have refreshed the squad (we have a new drummer – Rob Sixkiller and a new bassist – Virious), we changed the way of playing, we practiced a lot and we invested in a new gear and new possibilities. We are born anew band with lots of plans and tons of new energy to bring to the crowds. The process of writing music improved, because we focused on the details to be satisfied with every note in every song, but we did not lose the spirit that Terrordome had from the beginning!

Personally, I like the most at the album "Straight Outta Smogtown" one thing - melodies. Clear and distinct, you are betting on interesting riffs, the songs slowly graduate; they have a drive and strength. In my opinion, these things make from the good music the excellent one. I wonder how you know that the song is already done. Who has the last word? And how do you perceive their live presentation after that? Is the chemistry between you and then between you and the fans important? Do you also have the ideas which you throw out (don’t use)?

The process of writing each song differs. First we basically make riffs and they must be catchy as fuck. Me and Paua (the guitarist), when writing riffs, we throw away something like 70-80% of music we create. If they do not fit, if they are not catchy, then we don’t need them. It takes time but we must be 100% satisfied and we have to feel it, otherwise we cannot put it on the album. Of course there are times, where we write a full songs and it is like a miracle – all perfect as we would love to have. And it stays – for example that was with the song „Steel on the Road“ that appers on a new album. Hard to say who has the last word – it is like when song is ready, we play it on rehearsal like 30th time and it fits and we feel that both length and all the melodies are fine, then we are fully satisfied and we can think about recording it. We just feel it, it makes us like super happy and we can’t wait to record it.

I know a lot of bands that have lyrics to songs just to sing something. I always appreciate at TERRORDOME that you have the lyrics with some idea, a sense, an opinion. How do you write the lyrics? When the inspiration come and how do you squeeze it into the music? Personally, I think that writing the lyrics is a madly hard discipline, and especially at the new record "Straight Outta Smogtown" the lyrics are great. I am often saying to myself, yes, that's exactly how I feel it.

Of course all depends. I write my ideas even if I have no music written. Sometimes it comes, when I have the full song and a topic, that holds my mind and I totally want to express myself in this way. The lyrics on „Straight Outta Smogtown“ are special for me – I spent lots of time doing them, they have several layers or hidden meanings and could be interpretated in many ways. Of course some of them are also simple and straightforward. This album gave me full expression and I treated it as some kind of rehab after lots of shitty moments, I had in the previous few years. I am totally fulfiled by this and ready for my momentum.

I don't have an original CD in my hand yet and I wonder who drew the cover for you? Was he the same artist as last time? Both motifs seem to me to follow each other. How did you get together?

This is our great friend – Marcin „Biauy“ Bialkowski, who takes care of the artworks. He is a special person for us and he has been creating artworks for Terrordome for a long time. We have a great connection and we understand each others, so I hope he will create another new cover for Terrordome in next years. He was studying with Paua together and that was Paua, who recommended to talk to him about creating some artworks on „We’ll Show You Mosh, Bitch!“ album back in 2011.

I still say it to everyone, and it is clear that a long time ago the rock and heavy metal was first, and only then thrash metal has come. There is no development without basics. If we stay in the past, which musicians have actually brought you to the music in general? Is anyone who you still admire to these days, would you like to meet him and thank him for your inspiration?

To be honest we are totally non original when it comes to the inspiration. We admire old Metallica, I love early Black Sabbath, but the most bands we feel and we take from are Exodus, Pantera, Slayer and all of new wave of Thrash Metal. I like being always up to date with quite modern, let’s say „rock bands“, so I have some list of guilty pleasures in different styles of metal.

I always take every band as a whole. Not only their music, but their performances, how they behave to the fans. To be honest, the band can play as gods, but when they come to the concert and they are arrogant, they are finished for me. On TERRORDOME I've always liked you have been very civilian, cool, heartguys, who always going straight. How do you feel about your fans? It seems to me that you enjoy every performance. Am I right?

We’re normal guys, having our daily jobs and working afterhours in this band to to play gigs, some festivals and to meet with people. We love to travel and we always do our best to give ourselves to the public where we are on tour. Acting as an arrogant star is not welcomed in our band, however we all have to bear in mind that also being in a band is a hard nut to crack and people are just people – everyone has a bad day.

How do you feel about contemporary metal? Do you have any favorite bands? Seems to me that everyone is playing faster and crazier, more incomprehensible. The man stays under the podium, headbanging his head for a while, worshiping them as a great musicians, and then he does not remember anything. Then goes home and rather play old good Saxon.

Sure I have lots of a new shit I listen to - Exit Smashed, Lich King, Power Trip, Warbringer and so on. I also listen to lots of various non-metal related shit, because it makes me calm and easy going. Well, the contemporary metal has its time at this exact moment, and I am sure if they are well promoted by their label, if they love it and they are hardworking band, they will reach a group of fans that in 20-30 years that will worship them, as this guy who comes back home after a gig to chill during listening to Saxon. So that I believe in that way in Terrordome, that working on this everyday will bring us the great results and we won’t be forgotten within the years.

TERRORDOME seems to me like a bunch of cheerful maniacs. What do you do in your free time? Do you have any other hobbies? What about a pub, beer? Parties? Poland I have associated with vodka, what do you think?

Exactly, quite we’re easy going dudes and all of us love the console games and different kinds of entertainments and sports. When I do not play guitar or record or do whatever connected with the music, I just collect Lego, I skateboard and I play my favourite video games on PC and various TV consoles. Also, I am a big fan of horror or sci-fi movies from ‘80s, ‘90s and collector of cassettes, vinyls and CD’s – I know there is much, but that’s what I love to do. Vodka? Well, because of gym and sports I try to stay in shape, so I prefer like having a whiskey drink from time to time or a glass of wine, but really sparingly haha! Thanks for asking, I like this sort of questions!

We are slowly approaching the end of the interview so I would like to ask one more philosophical question. How would you define the thrash metal style? What represents this music for you and why did you choose exactly this genre?

Thrash Metal is the style of living and brutal expression for the people with excessive energy, that was invented in early ‘80s to express the actual moods of pissed off & always positive as fuck maniax! Stage ADHD, jumping and onstage running and my fav Slayer album „Undisputed Attitude“ define Terrordome entirely!

What TERRORDOME is planning for the next few months?

Videos, lots of new music videos to our songs from „Straight Outta Smogtown“, that will appear on Youtube regularly within upcoming months. After videos to „Possessed by Blyat“ and „I Don’t Care“, we have also recorded video to „Desordem e Regresso“ and to the songs „The Day They Left Their Graves“ and „Conspiracy“. Also, we are watching the situation connected with current pandemic, so as soon as it finished we’re planning to hit the road. That would be greate to comeback to Japan or Brasil, but time will show how it lookds like. If the pandemic is not over, we’re just getting back to our rehearsal room to make a new album.


Thank you very much for the interview. I wish you a lot of great ideas, sold records, sold out concerts, and also everything good in your personal lives. See you at the concert! TERRORDOME RULES!

Thank you very much, wishing everybody all the best – please take care during this crazy period and see you all on the upcoming gigs in Czech Republic and other countries!

Recenze/review - TERRORDOME - Straight Outta Smogtown (2021):



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