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Interview - CRYPTIC HATRED - True death metal from the dusty graves!

Interview with death metal band from Finland - CRYPTIC HATRED.

Translated Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - CRYPTIC HATRED - Nocturnal Sickness (2022):

Ave CRYPTIC HATRED! Greetings to Finland. At the beginning, I will immediately allow you to pay your respects. I have just returned from a trip to the forest and in the snow and frost your new „Nocturnal Sickness“ listened to me perfectly. I felt like the melodies were completely stuck in my brain. How did the album come about and did you approach it differently than the previousdemo „Free from the Grave“? I find the novelty darker, colder, but also more melodic, was that the purpose? Where did you record the album and who mixed it and did a production? As I wrote, the sound is really crystal icy, but at the same time sharp, dark and raw.

We recorded the album in our own rehearsal place by ourselves. Olli Nokkala from Studio Kolotila mixed the album, and Jaakko Viitalähde did the mastering at Virtalähde Mastering. And yes we wanted and old school sounding record, but we wanted that every instrument comes through so you can hear the performance. Olli did an awesome job with the mix, and we are also very happy with the Virtalähde master!!

I don't have an original CD in my hand yet and I wonder who drew the cover for you? How did you get together?

The master Paolo Girardi painted the album cover. Our label contact at The Other Records contacted Paolo on our behalf, and told want we wanted. We are VERY happy with the album cover, as it truly gives the perfect image of our album. You can even notice some things from the lyrics in the cover :)

I'm always interested in how the band composes. How a new song were created. Who bring the riffs, do you first play for yourself at home and then bring everything to the studio? Or does everything come together? How did you create new materiál?

Well our guitarists Eemil and Jami wrote all the music for the album. Usually we have some riffs in mind that we have jammed, and then we start to write a song from there. When we have a full song written, we send them to our drummer and bassist, who either like the song or dont. Sometimes we change some things, but usually they stay pretty much the same after we have talked about them with the full band. Of course our drummer adds his own fills and things to the drum beats, that we already had in mind.

I am one of the fans of death metal who also collect music physically. I'm old school, I like sitting at the player and reading the lyrics. What are they about on „Nocturnal Sickness“ and who is their author? Where do you get inspiration for them?

Our guitarist/vocalist Eemil wrote pretty much all of the lyrics. Guitarist Jami also helped a little bit. Usually the lyrics have stuff about hate, zombies and gore. Inspiration comes pretty much from everywhere movies, books, tv-shows.

Lately it seems to me that there is literally a boom of death metal bands in Finland. I've never been in your beautiful country, but somehow subconsciously I'm still looking for bands from there. I like your old scene (for example I listen to PURTENANCE, I listen them from their first album, CONVULSE too, I like the new REVULSION, SHRAPNEL STORM, DEATHGOAT, WORTHLESS, SPIRITUAL HOLOCAUST). It looks like that underground is quite active in Finland, right? I would be interested in your view from the inside. You are part of the scene.

Yes there is a lot of death metal bands in Finland. The scene is pretty strong right now, and there is a lot of new bands coming up. Now that the Covid restrictions are lifting, there is death metal gigs like every month, and thats really awesome. So yeah, the underground is active.

And what about concerts? Do you play a lot? How has the current situation with the covid 19 pandemic affected you? Do you have a club in your city where you can play? By the way, I did an interview with Russian PYRE from St. Petersburg and it seems that it's also active scene there lately. What about a tour to support the new record, are you gonna plan something like this?

Yeah right now we got gigs booked quite alot. Now that the restrictions are lifting, we can play again and its really fun. In Helsinki theres a few places where we have played, for example Bar Loose and Lepakkomies. Those certain venues have a alot of metal shows. And yeah we would love to visit some other countries at some point! But nothing is planned for that yet.

Anyway, you're exactly the kind of death metal band that plays old school incredibly. Who was your role model? Which band was the reason you picked up your guitar, started beating your drums and shouting into the microphone? Or did you start playing because of the girls?

Well our biggest role models are of course Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and many other bands, but the biggest reason why we started even playing music are not death metal bands. When we were little younger we used to listen Slayer, SOAD, Slipknot, Metallica, and those bands are the main reason why we even picked up ours instruments.

CRYPTIC HATRED seems to me like a bunch of cheerful maniacs. What do you do in your free time? Do you have any other hobbies? What about a pub, beer? Parties? Finland I have associated with vodka, what do you think?

Well, we are young and having fun :) In our freetime, some of us play other kinds of music, and others just chill out and hang with friends. And we are more beer guys than for example vodka guys. Cold beer / good music and friends, it doesnt really get better than that.

What does music mean to you? How do you perceive death metal in relation to your life? Are you a fan too? Do you collect, for example, vinyl, cassettes, CDs? You can go deeper and look at death metal from the point of view of life philosophy.

Yes of course we are fans of death metal. And music in general is a huge thing for all of us. We listen to many kinds of music, not only metal. And yeah, some of us do collect CD’s Vinyls etc.

What are CRYPTIC HATRED planning in the coming months? What can we look forward to? What about l the T-shirts with the new motif? I have to order one!

Right now we are only planning to play alot of gigs and write new material. And yes some new merch is maybe coming in the summer too!

Thank you so much for the interview. And actually for your music. I really enjoy the news. I'm already looking forward to going to the woods again in the afternoon after work. I will definitely take your album with me. May the record sell well and all the best to your personal lives! Death metal forever, CRYPTIC HATRED rules!

Thanks for the interview!!

Recenze/review - CRYPTIC HATRED - Nocturnal Sickness (2022):

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